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In the Brigadier General James Brickett – Old Newbury Chapter we are dedicated to making a difference in our community by creating projects and opportunities to help our neighbors in the three pillars of DAR:


Historic Preservation


We promote education though our committees dedicated to promoting literacy, celebrating student patriotism through essay contests, supporting the DAR schools, and providing scholarships.

​Our Education Committees: 

  • American History
  • American Indians
  • Constitution
  • DAR Schools & Scholarships
  • FlagUSA

Flag USA

We preserve history by supporting preservation of local historic buildings and monuments, celebrating commemorative events, and working to preserve genealogical documents. 

Our Historic Preservation Committees: 

  • American History
  • Community Service
  • Lineage Research

We acknowledge and honor patriotism through the recognition of community leaders, though the support of ROTC and active military, and though honoring and serving our veterans.

​Our Patriotism Committees: 

  • Constitution
  • FlagUSA
  • Community Service
  • DAR Good Citizens
  • National Defense
  • Service for Veterans