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Chapter Annual Meeting and Croquet

Our Chapter’s annual planning meeting was held in May at the home of Jennifer Conway. We discussed a number of items, including providing gift cards instead of toiletries for the veterans in November — more on that to come, but please note that we will not be creating the bags like in the past. We also voted to create a new Chapter bylaw to combine the Corresponding and Recording Secretary positions, as well as discussed upcoming meetings. More on that and the Yearbook to follow.

We thanked Regent Patricia Babbit for her service before swearing in the new Regent, Jennifer Conway. Our new Vice Regent is Debra McCardle and the Secretary in dual role will be Sheri Larsen. In case you didn’t know, Jeanne Lundell has been acting as our Registrar for a number of months, and she’ll continue on, as will Harriet Duffy as Treasurer, Marsha Pease as Chaplain, Alice Russell as Historian and Pat Babbit will become our Librarian.

The meeting was adjourned, and we enjoyed pizzas and crowned a new Chapter croquet champion, Debbie McCardle. Marsha Pease was the prior year winner.

If you are interested in becoming a Committee chairperson, we do have few openings. Please contact Jen Conway to learn more.

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